A little about me...

I guess you could call me a content creator, but in my eyes I’m just a bored dude with a lot of hobbies. Some times I feel froggy and get creative so I make a video; some times I just want to sit, relax and play a video game, and other times I want to go fast and realize the go-fast parts aren’t yet on my car.  Anyways, welcome to my website and enjoy the little glimpse into to my head and my life. 

Business Ventures

A glimpse into some of my business endeavors and how I spend my time…​

NOTE: All of these websites, except for the MR2-Spyder forum, are hosted by me and my company MyTechLiving. All of these websites were also built by and have continued to be managed by me, or were handed over when complete. I am still actively involved with all of the companies and/or individuals.

Mazda Android Auto

Lets be real, Most of you are here for Android Auto; You want to know how to install it, how to uninstall it, why it’s not working, Blah, Blah Blah! I don’t blame you, so I’ll just give you what you want!

Gear I use for content creation

Just a short list (Subtle flex?) of some of the gear I use on a regular basis. 

Sony NEX-FS100
Sony A6300

Vintage Lenses(28f2.8, 50f1.7, 135f2.8, etc). 

Sutefoto S40 Pro

BlackMagic Video Assist 5

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Mac Pro 2010(3.46ghz 6Core)
Dell G3 8570H( GTX1050TI)

Various variable ND filters, microphones, SD cards, Tripods, Adapters, etc.

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