Hi, I'm Patrick

I’m a husband, father, son, brother, photographer, business owner, videographer, and the list just goes on. I try not to limit myself, and as such, I have done so much and have so many hobbies.

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IT Consulting

Current Projects

Utilizing Photo and Video to capture my passions.

I’m a creative with a short attention span, but with the ambition and ability to teach myself whatever I put my mind to. I fear limitation and strive to push myself as far as I can go, mentally and physically.

This is my primary passion at the moment. I’ve been into cars since before learning to drive, so combining Photography and the local car scene just made sense. 

The Cultured Car is an automotive series dedicated to sharing the unique stories and culture behind many of the vehicles in Charleston, South Carolina and through out the US.
Check it out at theculturedcar.com!

If you know, you know! It’s what you’re here for!

My time with the MR2 spyder has given me knowledge and resources that are hard to come by, so for those that require them, here you go!


For any inquiries please email

General - hello@patricklipp.com

Business - patrick.lipp@mytechliving.com