GranTurismo 1.23 July Update

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The GranTurismo update no one was asking for.

I keep reading articles about the new GranTurismo Sport update(1.23), about how so many people who are upset, even pissed off, about the inclusion of in game Micro Transactions. I just don’t understand why the anger and animosity. Furthermore, I completely support the use of Micro Transactions in the game, especially in the way that Polyphony Digital is using them. 

More than just micro transactions

This new update included multiple new cars, a new track, a few new offline races, and Micro Transactions, so what is the problem? The problem is that ‎Kazunori Yamauchi‎ originally stated that there would not be any microtransactions included in the game…. ever. Now, I get it; The developer stated there wouldn’t be any and now there are, but times change, issues arise, new costs associated with a game come and go, and a game may not do as well as expected. GTSport is a very Niche game, so it’s user base will be smaller than larger titles. What may have been said at the games release may no longer me true two years down the road, and that’s exactly what has happened. Whatever the reason of these micro transactions, it really doesn’t matter, because they don’t take anything away from the game. So Why do so many people care? To be honest, I don’t know other than Just because.

These micro transactions have been put in place so that you can now purchase any car with an in game cost less than 2,000,000cr with real curency. These same cars can be earned and purchased in game at the cost of your time, effort and racing abilities. That is why I don’t understand why so many people are bitching and complaining. If nothing else, this is now an avenue for people to get that car they’ve been wanting, so that they can go online immediately and race their friends, instead of having to complete the offline mode, or other modes to get enough cash to buy and upgrade the car. Or, if someone doesn’t have the time, they can purchase it for a small fee, and be done with it. Whatever peoples reasoning, having options is always good, and if it helps the developers, then awesome! Most importantly, at the rate the developers have been updating this game, the money is bound to run out eventually, so now there is a new revenue stream to fund future updates and additions to the game. Give it up people, this is another update. its a good thing; stop complaining.


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