Hitting reset on social media

I’ve been doing the YouTube thing on and off for a while now. I post videos inconsistently, but I do still post. The same can be said about other social media such as Instagram and twitter, albeit those I have distanced myself from more to break the habit, or addiction of just endlessly and mindlessly scrolling through my feed. I’ve wanted to take some time to reflect and to just enjoy life and what it has to offer, so guess you can say i’ve been hitting reset on social media. I’ve wanted to spend time with my family and just live more in the moment and less from behind a lens. It’s been needed and i’ve appreciated every single second of it, and while I sometimes miss creating videos and content to share, I can’t say I’d want it any other way. My time is precious and I want to use my energy where it truly matters, which is my family, but this doesn’t mean I am going to stop creating content, in fact it’s the opposite. My plan is to ramp it up. Before putting the camera down, I would carry it with me everywhere and had things separated into the content I would post and then the family photos and videos. This is what caused my ultimate demise and what fueled me stepping back. My mind was more in tune with wanting to create content, and yet I was preoccupied with family; This only meant I was failing on both fronts instead of creating content and giving my family my full attention.

The Changes

I am making my family my priority. I still want to continue creating, so the question is how do I compromise? The solution I came up with is to make content about my family.. Win-Win. I get to capture the moments of my wife and kids, photos and videos, and create videos to share using some of that content, and in my spare time I’ll make some other content like tech reviews, and tutorials. I honestly feel like this will increase my output substantially while still very much being present in my daily life and being able to spend that time with my wife and kids.

Gaming and livstreams?

With the release of the new Call of Duty, I’ve also started gaming again! Normal multiplayer on my PS4, and Warzone on both my PS4 and PC. I’m still playing Minecraft from time to time, and i’ve also rebuilt my SimRacing rig using my Logitech G29, so of course i’m playing GranTurismo Sport and Assetto Corsa on that. With the gaming comes new opportunities, so of course i’m not going to let an opportunity go by without first dipping my toes in. I don’t want to muddy up my normal YouTube channel with livestreams, so instead I have created another channel that will be dedicated to my livestreams. I also have a twitch, but I don’t think i’m going to use it all that much. Anyways, let me know what games you’d be interested in seeing me play, if any. I honestly don’t know if there would be any interest, so maybe this is more for my benefit and pleasure more than anything else, regardless, i’m doing it because why not.

Other new content.

I’m also going to start introducing other new content. More specifically, more car related content, possibly some documentary style stuff, but time will tell. I am about to start attending some car shows, cars and coffees, autoX events, and have been consistently working on my own car, so lots of content to come there. Overall, i’m saying to hell with a niche channel and am just going to be doing what I actually want to do with no limitations, no boundaries, no one to please, only the content I feel like making and posting; same for this blog, instagram, and everywhere else.


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