Automotive Preset Pack


This pack includes 6 different presets made for Adobe Lightroom. The presets are built for your RAW images and are designed around Automotive photography. These are the presets that I use as a starting point for all of my photos, and oftentimes require no additional modifications.

This Preset pack conatins the following files.
Automotive Preset – Dark & Moody
Automotive Preset – Desaturated & Grainy
Automotive Preset – Interior Dark & Moody
Automotive Preset – Lifted & Saturated
Automotive Preset – Moody
Automotive Preset – Saturated


Preset Outline:

Automotive Preset – Dark & Moody – One of my favorites, but oversaturates the sky a bit.
Automotive Preset – Desaturated & Grainy – Gives a more Grungy look and feel.
Automotive Preset – Interior Dark & Moody – My Go-To for interior shots. If it’s a bit too dark, increase the exposure using the slider.
Automotive Preset – Lifted & Saturated – A great all-arounder that brings out the details in shadows. Can be a bit too bright in certain scenarios.
Automotive Preset – Moody – A General Moody Preset – This is my primary preset and oftentimes requires minimal to no modifications.
Automotive Preset – Saturated – Similar to Desaturated & Grainey, but added saturation to give more realistic colors.


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