Sony FS100 Cinegamma1 LOG to REC709 LUT


Free FS100 LUT for my Custom Profile


A basic LUT for my Cinegamma1 LOG profile that’s based off of the Cinematone1 Gamma. This will help give you a base Color-grade, close to REC-709 and has the least noise out of all profiles.

The following are the settings used in camera to achieve the desired look and to use this LUT. For more information about this LUT, please see the blog post labeled “Pushing the FS100 to its max”

Cine1 LOG
Black Level – -4
Gammma – Cinematone1
Black Gamma – High/+7
Knee – Manual/75%/+3
Color Mode – Pro/8
Color Level -7
Color Phase – -1
Color depth – R -1/G +2/B -1/C +2/M 0/Y +2
WB Shift – LB-CC/0/0/0/0
Detail – -7/Off/0/Type3/7/0/0

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