SLOG2 for the FS100

SLOG2 anyone? I know most people are using Glog or one of the many other custom picture profiles for the FS100, but none of them match at all with Slog2/3. In my experience, all of the profiles have been a huge PITA to match with my other cameras which normally shoot in some variation of sLog. So, I decided to take the time and create a profile that matches the Slog2/sGamut3 profile I use on my A6300. Colors are very close, and the Dynamic range is great as well.

Just to be clear, this profile is very close to, and is based off of PP7 with the default settings and the gamut set to sGamut3.cine(or sGamut3). These settings should be available in most other sony cameras as well. Personally, I prefer the image out of the FS100 and find the reds to be a bit more accurate, but these are still very preliminary tests of this profile and anything could change(For the better).

Making of the profile

I used my Sony A6300 and FS100, both connected to the same monitor withe images displayed next to each other. I then used two color cards for comparison of colors and the same bright light source. I set the settings the same for both cameras(30fps and 1/60th), used a 50f1.8 lens on both cameras with each stopped down to f2.8. Set the base iso on both. Changed the white-balance to 5000K on both to match my lights, set the zebras at 70% for easy comparison, and watched the histogram as close as possible. For the FS100 I also used a BlackMagic Video assist for its histogram while I was working on the profile. From here I matched the exposure on each camera so that the histogram was as close as possible and the zebras were showing up at the same places on each. I then modified the highlights, mids and shadow settings first, getting the exposures as close as possible and then I moved onto the colors, doing the same. Here is what I came up with:

Custom Profile Settings

Black Level +10
Gammma – Standard
Black Gamma – High/+5
Knee – Manual/75%/-1
Color Mode – Pro/8
Color Level -7
Color Phase – 0
Color depth – R -5/G +7/B -2/C 0/M -5/Y +7
WB Shift – LB-CC/0/0/0/0
Detail – -7/Off/0/Type3/7/0/0


Assuming you match the cameras settings with sLog2 and sGamut3(.cine), and these settings on the FS100; Match the Whitebalance, and get the exposures good, you should be able to match the grades pretty easily.

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